The Cherokee Bee Club is proud to present local honey and bee products available for sale from our own members!Members may submit bee product and contact information for posting to:

Weeks Works, Inc. (BJ Weeks)

 325 Roy Haynes Drive; Ball Ground, GA - (770) 735-3263 - Email:

******Supplying local beekeepers for sixteen years*******

***********Keeping bees over 40 years***************

*********Teaching beekeeping for 15 + years*************

*Stocking $36,000.00 annually in inventory

*Purchasing in Bulk throughout the year to save you money on hive equipment and bottling needs         

*Producing package bees with high quality queens that are the most consistent in desirable traits-purchased in quantity to pass savings on to the customers.

*I stock what you need for beekeeping.

********Order early for your spring bee needs. *************

Bee Haven Apiaries (Ryan Sarks)

Ball Ground, GA - (770) 639-0868 - Email: 

"Light-Amber" Spring Blackberry/Wildflower & "Medium-Amber" Summer Wildflower Available

                                                                                                                                       VPBEES LLC (Vincent West)
                                                                                                                                                    Roswell, GA 770 547-8191 email:



Honeybee Products & Apiary Services

Moss Rock Honeybee Farm (Trina Barron)

Milton, GA - (770) 861-7784 - 

Gotta Bee Honey (Jim & Pat Sarks)

Ball Ground, GA - (770) 479-1988