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DONt MISS Cherokee Bee Clubs One-Day

Bee School on February 15th, 2014!



For beginning beekeepers and those foks who wish to find out more about
the wonderful world of honey bees and what they do for human kind!

Sign up by February 7th and save some cash!


The Cherokee Bee Club's Annual ONE-DAY Bee School

will be held on February 15, 2014 from

8:15AM - 4:00PM!  DON'T MISS IT!!!!



Just a glimpse of the things you will learn at our one-day bee school:


You may pre-register by mail, by February 7, 2014 and save $5!...



2014 Bee School Flyer2014 Bee School Registration


Bee School Volunteer Worker Form

(You must have attended this course, kept bees for at least 1 year, and be a current member to volunteer)


This course is a thorough one day version of a detailed beginning beekeeping workshop.

There will be several different stations which rotate; where small groups will learn the concepts of beginning to keep bees.

This course includes a one year membership to the Cherokee Beekeeper's Club and all of its benefits.


Each of our monthly meetings features an informative presentation which makes it an unforgettable learning experience. The Cherokee Bee Club's goal is for each meeting to convey knowledge where both the new and experienced beekeeper will take away knowledge to make them a more informed and beneficial asset to our friend, the honeybee. If you have ever wanted to get into beekeeping or just want to find out more, don't miss another meeting, and don't forget to bring your questions!


Visit the "Meeting Info" page and click on the "calendar" button for more information about all the exiting things to come in 2014!